lent & Holy Week 2019

Lent Wednesdays

Starting Ash Wednesday, March 6th, join us at 10am or 6:30pm for special Wednesday worship services as we prepare for Easter.  We will focus on the book of Job, and how Job's experience helps us handle suffering.  (Dinner will be served at 5:00pm on Ash Wednesday only.)

Palm Sunday


We celebrate the entrance of the long-awaited King - but are our hopes in the right place?  (April 13th-14th.  Regular weekend worship times.) 

Maundy Thursday


The Story of the Table.  Discover the rich meaning of the Passover meal, and how it points to Jesus.  (April 18th at 10am & 6:30pm)

Good Friday


In the Night.  An intimate service focused on the hope we still have when everything is dark in life.  (April 19th at 10am & 6:30pm)

For more information, e-mail our church office, or call 480-969-4414.