Christianity is not meant to be an individual pursuit.  There are over 50 occurrences in the Bible where followers of Jesus are told to love, support, or encourage one another.  So, building genuine friendships and walking alongside other people in our faith journey is paramount.  

The groups below provide great opportunities to connect with other people at our church.

small groups

We all need a group of people around us so we can share our celebrations, our struggles, and our faith.  The early Christians not only met together as a large church, but they also shared meals in people's homes.  Our small groups are designed to help our church develop authentic friendships and live out our faith in local communities.  To encourage parents with young children to be in a small group, we offer partial reimbursement for babysitting costs.

To see our current list of groups, click here.  For more information, contact the church office.

bible studies

Something powerful happens when we explore the Bible together. As we mutually share insights and personal impressions, the words we're studying take on new and profound life.  So, we encourage people to delve into the Bible alongside others.

To see our current list of Bible studies, click here.  For more information, contact the church office.

modern family

This group of young adults meets on Sundays at 9:30 for Bible study. They also play on a co-ed softball league, have a monthly book club, and hold occasional events like Oscar & Super Bowl parties. 

For more information contact Lisa Hennings.  


Our seniors gather monthly for local trips, potlucks, and informational presentations.  One of the highlights of the year is the senior luncheon in January featuring a free gourmet meal and live entertainment.

For more information contact Kim Cramer or Jane Ott at 480-641-9344.