Our office is open 9:00-4:30 Monday through Thursday, and 9:00-2:00 on Friday.

Phone: 480-969-4414

Fax: 480-969-4801

E-mail: office@stlukemesa.com


  • Luke Hennings


    Originally from Texas, Luke and his wife, Lisa, have lived in Arizona since 2006.  They enjoy raising their three sons in the desert heat.  As our Pastor, Luke directs the overall mission and ministry efforts in our church and community.

  • kelly Buckwalter

    Youth Director

    After growing up in Illinois and spending eight years in Holbrook, AZ, Kelly and her husband have lived in the Valley since 2013.  Kelly works with our middle school and high school students, and is a mother of two young children of her own.

  • Renee Lindberg

    Interim young families ministry director

    Renee and her family of five started attending St. Luke's in 2015.  She has served as a children's ministry leader in previous churches, and is filling in for us as we hire a permanent Young Families Ministry Director.  

  • kim cramer

    music director

    Kim grew up on the farm in Michigan, where she and her husband, Steve, met.  Now after living in Arizona for over 40 years, they have two children and one grandson.  Kim directs our music programs for our 5:00 & 8:00 services.

  • kip Fox

    10:30 Music Director

    Hailing from Napa Valley, CA, Kip has been married to Michelle (a native of Mesa) since 2010.  Kip leads our 10:30 worship band and is a nationally recognized songwriter (see www.kipfox.com).

  • Paul Hoffmann

    Adult Ministry Director

    Paul was the first baby ever baptized at St. Luke!  He now leads our connection, education, and care ministries for adults.  He and his wife, Kathleen met at St. Luke's as a part of the youth group!

  • kathleen HOFFMANN

    Facility director

    A native of Washington, Kathleen and her husband, Paul, have been a part of our church for over 30 years.  They have three children and seven grandchildren.  Kathleen serves as the facility director, responsible for making our campus as functional and as attractive as possible.

  • Dorel Phillips

    office manager

    Born in Guatemala (her dad was a missionary), Dorel and her husband, Scott, have lived most of their lives and raised their two sons in Arizona.  Dorel manages our front office, creates our bulletins & newsletters, and provides support for our staff.

  • MJ Cornelius

    community bridge builder

    Mj and her husband, Sandy, are avid Diamondback fans, and have been a part of our church since 2016.  Mj helps us develop relationships in our local neighborhoods, including coordinating with local non-profits and organizing community events.

Our church is also blessed and supported by Kathleen Short (Vista Accounting), John Hollmann (Care Ministry), Bob Kolden (Organist), Ellen Brown (Organist), and Kevin Hull (A/V Engineer).