St. Luke's Vision

Check out the video below to see how St. Luke's mission came about and

how we spread the healing love of Jesus in our community!


The name of our church refers to the gospel-writer, Luke. When Luke wrote his account of Jesus’ life, he focused on the ways Jesus went around bringing healing and restoration, especially to outsiders. So, our name highlights the fact that we are called to bring healing and restoration to everyone around us. In 2016, we spent many months developing this idea into a 2020 Vision for our church:

Embracing our neighbors with unexpected love, St. Luke exists

to bring the hope and healing of Jesus to everyday life.

The first phase of implementing our 2020 Vision included a three-year campaign to fund enhancements to worship and video technology, hire a community bridge builder, and pay off our debt. We were excited to complete all three of these initiatives by the year 2020! But, we aren’t done. We continue to develop partnerships with non-profits like Family Promise, and seek ways to better connect with those who come onto our campus.