Jesus loved kids!  He valued them for who they are and understood God's love for each and every child.  We know how important it is for children to get a positive start to faith.  Whether at Sunday School, Children's Church, or Family Events, our goal is to build a solid foundation that will help kids trust in God's love and grace.

For your convenience, first-time guests can fill out a short online form that will allow for a quicker check-in at our iPads when you arrive for Sunday School or Children's Church.  Click HERE to get started.  

Scroll down below or contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sarah, for more information.


Our nursery is professionally-staffed and available for free during our worship services every Sunday for children three years and below.  Parents check their child in at the iPad in the nursery to provide contact information and receive a matching security sticker.

Our nursery is located to the right of the worship center entry lobby.  Parents can pre-register to make the iPad check-in easier by clicking HERE.  

sunday school

Every Sunday at 9:30 children age 3 through 4th grade learn about Jesus in a creative way, with a high-energy group opening followed by a breakout for age-appropriate Bible experiences in separate rooms (divided by grade).  

After checking children in at the Sunday School lobby iPad (you can pre-register HERE), adults are invited to attend a Bible Study during this time.  

children's church

Children are always welcome in our services, but we know it's sometimes hard for children to sit through an entire worship service.  So, during the message at our 10:30 service, children age 3-7 are invited to go to Children's Church, where they'll get a great introduction to Bible stories and be prepared to get more out of their future worship experiences. 

As you enter the worship center lobby, you can check your child into Children's Church at an iPad (you can pre-register HERE).  You will receive matching stickers for security. After the opening songs and children's message with the pastor, children go with Sarah, our Young Families Director, and return after the message.  

family events

It's important for families to connect with other families at church. That's why we have fun events like the Super Bowl Tailgate Party, Oktoberfest, and Night in Bethlehem - each geared for people of all ages.