Campus plans

We want people who see our buildings to recognize our church as a vibrant, Christian presence in our community.  Our campus plans include restoring the worn parts, unifying the architectural themes, maximizing the usage, and increasing the curbside appeal.  Our goal is that people who look at our campus will see a place they want to check out.

The images below are just a draft of our concepts, and do not include detailed work relating to setbacks, code regulations, materials, landscaping, signage, etc.  The laser-cut, backlit panels along Stapley will identify our campus as a spiritual place.  The copper and rustic metal finishes around the rooflines will tie our campus together.  The shade structures will increase our capacity at large events.  The enlarged worship center entrance and cleaner courtyard landscaping will help people identify where to go when they arrive on our campus.

For questions, contact our Facility Director, Kathleen Hoffmann.  To donate to this project, mark your gift for the "60th Fund".