Teenagers deal with a lot of change.  So, it's helpful to have a group of friends who can be there for each other as they navigate life.  In our youth ministry, we seek to provide both the knowledge and community needed for students to develop their own personal faith.  

For more information, scroll through the information below or contact our Youth Director, Kelly Buckwalter.  

5th-8th grade

As children grow up, they develop their own personal faith.  So, on Sundays at 9:30 our 5th-6th graders and their parents focus on getting an overview of the Old & New Testaments in the Bible.  At the same time our 7th-8th graders and their parents focus on developing a Christian worldview guided by the teachings of Martin Luther.

These classes are also open to anyone who desires to be confirmed as a Lutheran.

high school

As students prepare for their next step in life - whether college or career - they need to be ready for an ever-changing world.  Our 9:30 Sunday High School Bible Study explores the unique truths of Christianity and learns how Christians can be known by their love for others.  For the Endowment Committee scholarship form, click here.


Whether it's laser tag or pizza & a movie, Plugged-In is our weekly chance for 5th-12th grade students to hang out.  Most events are for either 5th-8th graders or 9th-12th graders and start at 11:45 on Sundays.  

5th Sunday serve

Being a Christian involves more than simply learning information, so our 5th-12th graders put their faith into action every 5th Sunday with a service project.  Activities range from putting together care bags for homeless people, to caroling for the elderly, to packing thousands of meals with Feed My Starving Children.