Aging, Preparation, PlanniNg & Support

2nd Sundays, 11:45am

Caring for an older loved one with health issues brings challenges and questions that are often difficult to find answers for. Whether it's a parent, sibling, friend, or oneself, finding support among people who know what you're going through, as well as information about your options, can make a world of difference. The APPS group (Aging, Preparation, Planning, & Support) meets the second Sunday of each month at 11:45am to encourage, support, and educate people about the aging process. Everyone is welcome to attend! Questions? Please contact the office.


Tuesdays 12:30-2:00pm

Have you lost a loved one?  Death looms in all our families and carries with it so many stories.  Simply acknowledging a loss of a loved one takes more physical and emotional pain than we can imagine. A couple years ago, St. Luke began its participation in a national ministry called GriefShare. Through the use of informative and caring videos, a very helpful workbook, and supportive small group discussions, participants are invited to better understand and begin the steps to rebuild their lives after losing a loved one.

We welcome everyone who has a loss, whether it be a child, a parent, or a spouse.  Our group is open to the community. Each session stands alone, so you can join anytime.   You can pre-register at the GriefShare website, www.griefshare.org, but it is not required. Contact the church office if you have questions.