Immerse: Messiah

What is IMMERSE?

IMMERSE is a church-wide Bible reading experience designed to function like a book club.  Weekly video introductions, reader-friendly layouts, and daily audio readings help people engage with larger sections of the Bible as a whole.  Working through an entire book of the Bible in a short period of time helps people better understand the bigger story and the author’s main points.  And weekly book-club-style discussion helps everyone get more out of the readings.

When will it start?

St. Luke’s is doing a 4-week campaign starting September 12, 2021.  We'll cover half of the New Testament, including the writings of Peter, John, and Matthew.

      • September 12th: Mark, 1&2 Peter, Jude
      • September 19th: Matthew
      • September 26th: Hebrews, James, John
      • October 3rd: 1-3 John, Revelation

How can I read/listen?

Reading Options

    • Buy a hard copy of the IMMERSE: MESSIAH Bible from the info center for $5
    • Buy a hard copy on Amazon
    • Download the eBook for Kindle or NOOK for $11

Listening Options

What other resources are there?

    • Weekly video introductions.  4-minute videos to kickstart each week, which can be helpful at the start of group discussion.
    • Family devotions.  A free resource with a short snippet from each day’s reading and two discussion questions.  Pick up a copy in the info center, or download the free PDF.
    • Group leaders guide.  A free resource with an explanation of the IMMERSE approach and tips for leading respectful, encouraging conversation.  Click HERE to download.

How can I join a discussion group?

Discussion groups will start September 19th.  Groups are available at different times, including Sundays at 9:30am and Saturdays at 6:00pm.  Groups can also meet on Zoom.  Sign up in the info center, contact our church office, or click the button below to join a discussion group.  We'll contact you to figure out the best group for you.