Click the links below to join your Bible study or group meeting via Zoom.

  • Children's Sunday School

    All PreK-4th Grade students can join Celeste Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:25 by clicking HERE.  (Password required, contact Celeste.)  In person Sunday School will begin at 9:30, with age 3 through 1st grade in room 409 and 2nd-4th grade in room 401.

  • 5th-6th Grade bible BootCamp

    The 2020-2021 year is an Old Testament year!  Yay!  Click HERE at 9:30 on Sundays!

  • 7th-8th grade confirmation (& Plugged-In)

    This year we'll compare Christianity to other world religions, and cover the topics of Baptism, Communion, the Lord's Prayer, and Confession.  At 9:30 on Sunday mornings, click HERE to join this study.

  • High School Study

    Join Carol Poedel for open and honest discussion about Christianity.  Click HERE at 9:30am Sundays.  

  • Adult Study: Book of 1 Peter

    This study with pastor Dave Poedel will happen at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.  Click HERE to join at that time.

  • Adult Study: History of Christianity

    This class with Terry Houghland will meet on Sundays.  Once you click below, there will be a page with six doors on it, click on the bottom right door called "conversation room."  Follow the instructions, and then you may need to wait for 3 minutes to be let it.  Click HERE to get started.

  • Tuesday & Saturday Adult Studies

    Join John Hollmann for Bible study on Tuesdays at 10:00am, or join the men's study on Saturdays at 8:00am by clicking HERE at the time of the study.


    Are you looking to meet with your small group?  All our groups meet at different times, but when your group is going to meet, click HERE.

  • Care  & Facility Meetings

    For Stephen Ministry, Care Team, Facility, Prayer Warrior meetings and more... click HERE when it's time to meet.