NExt Steps at St. Luke's

We hope that this gives at least a small peek into what we believe at St. Luke’s, and why we do what we do. If you would like to learn more about essential Christian and Lutheran beliefs, we suggest reading Gene Veith’s Spirituality of the Cross and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism & Large Catechism. Both Veith's book and the Small Catechism are available for free at the breakfasts. (Or join our 7th-8th graders and their parents in confirmation class Sundays at 9:30am.) 

Getting Involved

Check out the Getting to Know You sheet for all your options going forward – including meeting with the pastor. (Your personal information always stays with us and is not shared with any other entity, even our Synod.) We would be honored if you decide to be a part of our church in any capacity! 

If you are looking for some next steps in your involvement at St. Luke’s, we suggest joining a small group, Bible study, or service team. Getting involved is the best way to make friends and grow in your faith. You can check out a full list of most volunteer roles on our Serve at St. Luke form, and turn it in if you are interested in any! We also have quarterly fellowship events like Oktoberfest, BBQ lunches, the Easter Breakfast, and more. Keep an eye on the St. Luke's homepage for upcoming events!


If you are interested in becoming a member at our church, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything we believe and practice, nor will we tax you, or put a lien on your house!! But it does indicate, at the very least, you are in general agreement with the Lutheran view on Baptism, Communion, and the Bible. 

Further, after you become a member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a Voters Meeting and request to become a Voting Member, and be able to vote at the next Voters Meeting. But you DON'T have to be a member to be active at St. Luke!

Checking In

Checking in is another great way to stay involved at St. Luke. By helping us "take attendance", we learn which events are more popular, who has been coming recently, and who could we check in with to see how they're doing. It helps us be better neighbors and improve our ministry. 

To check in, simply pull up the St. Luke app on your phone and create an account, or, visit an iPad stand on campus and use your phone number. If you aren't sure if we have your phone number or not, be sure to turn in your Getting to Know You Sheet or email the office!


We have several ways of giving at St. Luke's. Many still drop off their offering every Sunday, but instead of offering baskets, we have offering boxes - wooden boxes mounted on the walls in the back of the sanctuary next to the doors. We also use SecureGive to give online. We find this handy because it helps with accuracy and it can be set up for automatic giving. We also have an Endowment Fund that received memorials and awards scholarships and grants. 

Currently, we are working to renovate our original church building, the Oasis. To that end, we're started the 60th Anniversary Fund to accept donations. Thanks to those, we've been able to remodel its kitchen, tear out destructive grass, and fix plumbing and HVAC systems. Some items up next include re-landscaping, electrical work, and restoration of rotting beams.

Finally, if there's anything we didn't cover in the breakfasts, or things you still have questions about, check out our FAQ page, or please let us know

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